Just Don’t Suck

Dowbrigade spent the past three day weekend trying to teach ourself videoblogging.
We finally got our hands on a "review copy" of Final Cut Express,
and with a copy of the "Getting Started with Final Cut Express 2"
in our lap and football on the tube in the background, we did our best
to decipher this famously opaque branch of visual expression.

The results
are crude, featuring abysmal camera work with an unsuitable weapon, our
new Nikon 7900, sloppy cutting, inconsistent fonts on titles, rough transitions,
oscillating sound levels and complete lack of a story line or drama, but
it is our first attempt. It consists of footage
of a group of over-the-hill tennis players who meet up every weekend at
Cambridge City Public Courts on the banks of the Charles River. Alert
viewers may recognize the Dowbrigade. Or not.

We look at video as a survival skill, these days. Video is everywhere,
video says everything, video is the future of all media. Until we manage
to tap directly into the cerebral cortex, or at least the optic nerve,
video is the closest thing to taking direct control of another persons
brain humans have yet come up with. Or many people at once.

Meanwhile, we continue to be inspired by amanda congdon at Rocketboom,
and our personal role model, Steve
, whose vBlog
, now in its 8th edition, is a fascinating tour of the exploding
world of videoblogging. In this series Steve has really found his calling,
and it stands as a must-watch for students and fans of the genre.

Watch for future efforts here, as we learn to use the tools.

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