S&M Sex, Meth, Raves and the Children’s Museum

discovery was made after an ambulance call on Sunday. Police say a 29-year-old
man died of cardiac arrest while engaged in sado-masochistic
sex with two other people. Police found a large amount of S&M material
and costumes, as well as marijuana, ecstasy and the meth lab.

Meth cooks heat up pseudoephedrine -found in cold medicine
– anhydrous ammonia and other chemicals to create the highly addictive
drug. Crude labs are built in spaces as small as a bedroom. The slightest
mistake can cause a massive explosion.

The 29-year-old who lived in the apartment died Sunday afternoon, possibly high
on ecstasy, during a sex party and was wearing a mask and wetsuit-style body
suit in a room called "The Dungeon," a friend said.

The friend,
Tronster Hartley, who went to an all-boys high school in Baltimore with
McCormick, said he had attended
one of the events in 2002 and had spoken with McCormick in recent years
about drug use. ”He was a very creative person," Hartley said.
”Everything Kevin did was a little bizarre."

Jonathan Bachrach, a research scientist and organizer of art exhibits
at MIT, called McCormick ”a pioneer in technology-based art" and said
he was well known around the school and in the art community.

story, although with an unhappy ending. It has eyerything we look for
in a news story – sex, drugs and Rave and roll. Plus, the busted lab was right across the street from Boston’s Children’s Museum! This guy was no street
scum – he was an MIT grad, accomplished artist and man-about-town.

We have been following the meth
explosion story
for a while now, and are surprised they didn’t uncover a Viagra stash. Word
on the street is that the deadly but stimulating combination of Meth and
Viag (putting a whole new spin on the term "Speedball") is the drug of
choice on the gay party scene this season.

Among the unanswered questions related to this story:
Who were the two unidentified witnesses who were with the victim for
his last S&M fling? The article doesn’t even mention if they
were male or female. What exactly went on in the "dungeon"? What
kind of mask did the victim have on? Gas mask? Ski mask? Halloween mask?
Indigenous ceremonial fertility ritual mask? And why was he wearing a WET

Trust your diligent local correspondant (me) to
ferret out the details for future posting. Inquiring minds need
to know.

from the Globe and Herald

LATE BREAKING KINKY DIRT UPDATE: Heard on the radio news on the way to work – HAMSTERS were discovered in the basement of the Condo. There is a major story shaping up on a VERY weird sex & drug party syndicate. This confirms our longtime conviction that, contrary to the general public conception, MIT guys are some of the most serious partiers on the currect collegiate circuit, and that’s saying a lot. Stay tuned….

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