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Exclusive Video of C-Notebook


Saying they hope to bring every child
in the world a computer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers
are set to unveil a laptop that will cost around $100, run on batteries
that can be recharged by turning a crank, and connect to the Internet
wirelessly by piggybacking on the connection of a nearby user.

The machine will make its debut today at the United Nations’ World Summit
on the Information Society, which is taking place this week in Tunis, Tunisia.
Nicholas Negroponte, director of MIT’s Media Lab, is expected to show off
a working prototype during a speech at the summit.

In January, Mr. Negroponte announced plans to create the low-cost laptop
and to work with developing nations, as well as with state governments
in this country, to have school systems purchase the machines and give
them to millions of students around the world. That would narrow the digital
divide, and could spark innovations in commercial laptops as well.

from the Journal
of Higher Education

Dowbrigade Exclusive – our own Berkman
Blog Group
Andy Carvin just happens to be in Tunis, Tunisia, and got a first hand
look at the recently unveiled prototype.  In this case, a moving
picture is worth a thosand words, and so here is

Andy Carvin’s video
of the new C-Note Book computer

Japan Raked by Tsunami – Boston Hit by Earthquake


Lilliputians and Action Figures in a

TOKYO A strong earthquake shook northern Japan early
Tuesday, triggering a
that struck
coastal areas
about 200 miles from the epicenter. There were no immediate reports
of damage.

A 12-inch tsunami wave hit the city of Ofunato, and two 4- to 8-inch
waves generated by the quake struck two other towns in the area, the
agency said.
were no immediate reports of death or damage.

from AP

A micro earthquake occurred at 17:39:36 (UTC) on Thursday,
November 17, 2005. The magnitude 2.5 event has been located in SOUTHERN
NEW ENGLAND, 57 km (35 miles) SE (141

Real Human Remains on Display in NYC


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Halloween is long
gone, but New Yorkers will be able from Saturday to pay to view a roomful
of human cadavers, fileted limbs and dissected organs as part of a gruesome
yet realistic exhibit on the human body.

On November 19, 22 whole bodies and more than 260 organs will go on display
in lower Manhattan’s South Street Seaport, allowing visitors to see bodies
damaged by obesity, black lungs ravaged by cigarette smoke, and close-ups
of the central nervous, digestive and circulatory systems.

To highlight function, one of the cadavers is in an athletic pose, holding
a football.

Hey, that’s not a cadaver – that’s Vinny Testaverde!

from Reuters