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Euthanasia Tourism


PHNOM PENH: The governor of a Cambodian
province is suing an American internet cafe owner over a website that
promotes a sleepy corner of the war-scarred southeast Asian nation as
an ideal place for people who want to kill themselves.

Kampot governor Puth Chandarith said yesterday he had filed a suit against
Californian Roger Graham for disseminating false information and defaming
the province on his websites.

"A lot of foreigners were scared to stay here when they learned about
the website saying Kampot was a good place to commit suicide with no pain," he
told Reuters.

Still emerging from decades of war, including the Khmer
Rouge genocide of the 1970s in which 1.7 million people died, Cambodia
has no laws governing euthanasia, and diplomats say it does not rank
as a high priority in one of Asia’s poorest nations.

from Reuters

from the web
site in question

People die in Cambodia. You know this to be true. Life
is the way to death. Whether in Cambodia or some where else, we will
all die. Whether by design or by chance, whether by choice or duress,
sooner or later we will all die.

You’ve just been diagnosed with Cancer. Now comes the
time to answer the question you have always feared. What comes next?

If You are Considering Choosing the Time, Place, and Manner of Your End
of Life Experience Then I Would Like to Recommend that You Visit Cambodia.

We hear evryone is going there now, when all they
used to talk about was Jonestown. Sounds like a growth industry,
although they shouldn’t count on much repeat business….

Welcome to Euthanasia in Cambodia

Rocketboom is Must-Watch Video


there is anyone in America who hasn’t been watching Rocketboom, with
the charming and goofy Amanda Congdon, they should get with the program.
A simple yet pleasing format features a daily revue of some of the most
idiosyncratic video floating around the web that day.

, for example, features a disgustingly freaky
expose of a New York City group called the Freegans,
who opt out of the capitalist animal killing conundrum by existing entirely
on free vegetables,
from dumpsters, behind supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries. It’s so
gross, we suspected Spinal Tap mockumentary, but it now has us convinced
its real. Check it out for yourselves.

featured the two photo’s above,
which illustrated testimonials on a web site called
As Amanda points out, these two shots are from the same office – cleverly
disguised – although one purports to be in Kansas, and the other in California.  Note
the same whale photo on the wall, the same ugly lamp shades, and the
same linoleum floor. Ooops. The company has since pulled the CA photo
from its web
, but its you can’t fool Google’s

We have enjoyed Rocketboon in FireAnt (a stand-alone
video aggregator) and in the iTunes video aggregator, but probably like
it best on it’s own web site, with links to the stories and additional

web site