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Hipofilia in Enumclaw


– A
man has pleaded guilty to trespassing in connection with a fatal horse-sex

James Michael Tait, 54, of Enumclaw, was accused of entering a barn without
the owner’s permission. Tait admitted to officers that he entered a neighboring
barn last July with friend Kenneth Pinyan to have sex with a horse, charging
papers said. Tait was videotaping the episode when Pinyan suffered internal
injuries that led to his death.

Tait pleaded guilty Tuesday and was given a one-year suspended sentence,
a $300 fine, and ordered to perform eight hours of community service and
have no contact with the neighbors.

The prosecutor’s office said no animal cruelty charges were filed because
there was no evidence of injury to the horses.

Wait a minute! Isn’t that like claiming that having
sex with a retarded deaf mute wasn’t rape because she liked it?