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Can’t Get No Respect


Saw some footage on CBS Evening
News just now that cheered us up, after a somewhat depressing news day
featuring death, disease and some truly disturbed individuals. It starred
current favorite Odd Couple – ex-Presidents George H.W. Bush and
Bill Clinton. They are handing out cash in New Orleans, and the first
shot goes to the Univeristies. Good call!

Every time we see those two cavorting together like
Lewis and Martin it truly warms the cockles of our heart – because we
see what an open-palmed slap in the face it is to young George to see
his most hated political enemy and moral scourge receiving the paternal
approval that HE invaded a sovereign nation and sacrificed thousands
of American lives to achieve! What a loser!

NEW ORLEANS, Dec 7 (Reuters) – Former U.S.
Presidents George H.W. Bush and
Bill Clinton
unveiled on
a $90 million aid program for universities and other organizations
shuttered by Hurricane Katrina three months ago.

from Reuters

Who is the Podfather? Who Cares?


current "Who Do" over the history of podcasting struck us first as comical
(as had podcasting itself), then
as perplexing, and then back to ridiculous.  As we mentioned
in another forum, history written by direct participants is not history,
it’s propaganda, however sincere and well-intentioned it may be.

But a news
caught up in our news net underlines
a slightly different take on what’s going on here.  History IS being
made, right under our eager fingertips, and the version that is being
laid down now, although not definitive, will forever after be the "source
material" for future analysis, interpretation and revisionism.

As someone who witnessed a lot of the action and remains
friends with most of the principals, we couldn’t care less.  We have
always been more interested in what’s going to happen than in
what’s over and done with. But check it out:

Wordsmiths hail podcast success

The term ‘podcast’ has been declared Word of the Year by the New
Oxford American Dictionary

The term is defined as "a digital recording of a radio broadcast
or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to
a personal audio player".

Good show, all

from the BBC