Dowbrigade South



Short pause, while the Dowbrigade relocates to southern climes. Hopefully, tonight we will be reporting from Lima Peru. The past few days have been hectic and portentious. The few days before any big trip is tense and significant, one can feel the mood and tenor of the trip forming in the air as one switches over to travel insticts, routines and awareness. Like the first strains of a symphony, ghostly hinting at the major themes to be developed later. Little signs. Three times in the last two days the cashier at the market or store changed shifts JUST as the Dowbrigade arrived at the register. Patience. Yesterday, admiring the sunset, we almost fell through a hole in the ice and got dunked in the Charles River (as it was, just an icy foot and leg up to the knee) Careful. Three times in the last two days we have meet people we arranged to meet at exactly the right moment. Propicious timing, crucial on a trip. Stay tuned for travel tales…..

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