Prefer to Pay With Silver Dollars

Last week we got one of those artfully timed dinnertime calls from
an earnest young woman trying to sell us a service we didn’t need. It
a "tepid" telemarketing call, as opposed to a cold call.  That
is, it came from a company we already do business with, offering further

As it is, we purchase both a product (The Boston Globe) and a service
(delivery of aforementioned Boston Globe) from this company on a daily
basis. The caller was trying to convince us to change to credit card
billing. "I notice that you are still paying your bill every month by
check." Slight disdain and incredulity in her voice,as though we were
among the last few crusty holdouts. She didn’t need to mention that stamps
had just gone up two cents again.

We explained that we liked to write them a check every month,
that it reminded us of what a good deal the paper was.  Well, we
were told, if we came to our senses, just call this number.

Normally, when a company we do business with calls us at dinnertime
with some worthless waste of time we drop them like Simon Cowell drops
the obvious head cases, but in this case we are helpless. We are absolutely
to the Globe
in the morning, and the alternative (the Herald)
has a few decent writers and a lot of holes and pap. But we’d be damned
if we would let them tap directly into our financial flow.

So, we felt more than somewhat vindicated this morning to read, top
center on the Boston Globe web site, the following advisory:

ATTN. Boston Globe subscribers: Confidential
credit and bank card account information of Boston Globe and Worcester
Telegram & Gazette subscribers
who pay for their home delivery subscriptions by credit card was recently
inadvertently disclosed on the back of slips used to label bundles of
the Worcester Sunday Telegram. The bank routing information of some Telegram & Gazette
subscribers who pay by automatic withdrawal may also have appeared on
some of these newspaper bundle sheets. To find out whether your financial
information may have been released, please visit
Also, customer service representatives are available to answer questions
at this toll-free number: 888-665-2644.

Apparently financial information of over 220,000 subscribers
was inadvertently sent to the presses and printed on huge sheets of newsprint.  Instead
of being immediately destroyed, some braniac decided to use it to wrap
up the bundles of papers being distributed in Worcester. Waste not, want

Here is the news story about their gaff from arch-rival Boston

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