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Web as Weapon of War : Wired to Win

Posted by glasscastle on 5th February 2006

Africa is the world’s least developed continent, and most rural inhabitants
live without electricity or running water. But in some of its poorest
and most remote corners, the Internet has become a powerful weapon for
rebel and opposition leaders.

In countries where newspapers and radio stations are routinely shut down
and dissidents are often jailed, the Internet is giving Africans new freedom
to debate political and social issues. ”The Internet is a war weapon," Aboude
Coulibaly, director of the New Forces rebel group in Ivory Coast, wrote
in a recent e-mail. In 2002, the group used its website and television
station to launch a mutiny that toppled the government. ”In these matters
of revolution, we have to be wired to win," he wrote.

Now we are truly entering the Age of the Internet, in which the Web
becomes all things to all people.Not only is it the Information Superhighway,
but the Soap Box, Jury Box, X Box, box office, office office, playground,
classroom, political arena, military staging area, battlefield, medical
center, church and afterlife.

We have long held that there is nothing inherently liberating or
even liberal about the web.  It can be used at least as efficiently
to promote hatred, repression and war as to foster understanding, tolerance
and peace. Eternal vigilance is the price of all freedom, including

from the Boston Globe

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Gay Black Jews Heave Sigh of Relief

Posted by glasscastle on 5th February 2006

The New Bedford teenager wanted in last week’s attack in a gay bar
gunned down a small-town police officer in Arkansas yesterday, led authorities
on a highway chase, fatally shot a female passenger in his car, and then
was shot by police, authorities said.

Jacob D. Robida, 18, was in critical condition last night in a hospital
in Springfield, Mo. He was shot twice in the head, and Bristol District
Attorney Paul Walsh Jr. said he was not sure Robida would survive. Though
Robida is yet to be charged, killing a police officer is a capital offense
in Arkansas.

”He had a death wish," Walsh said last night. ”He didn’t care about
who he hurt."

In New Bedford, police who had searched Robida’s home, where he lived
with his parents, found homemade posters disparaging African-Americans
and Jews; neo-Nazi literature and skinhead paraphernalia; a makeshift
coffin; and an empty knife sheath. In the city, Robida, who had swastika
tattoos, had surrounded himself with other teenagers who cut a similarly
intimidating profile, residents said.

He also cultivated friends online, using the nickname ”Jake
" on
the popular website Those friends told reporters they were
startled when he was linked to the New Bedford attack, and said he had
never spoken ill of gays.

from the Boston Globe

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