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Infantile Indiscresions

Posted by glasscastle on 9th February 2006

A 6-year-old Brockton boy’s suspension on accusations
of sexual harassment startled some school officials in the region yesterday;
the officials said they avoid the words ”sexual harassment" when
trying to teach young children about appropriate touching.

The Brockton first-grader was suspended for three days Jan. 30, after
school officials said he had put his hand inside the waistband of a girl’s
pants and had touched the skin on her back, said his mother, Berthena
Dorinvil. But she said her son had told her that the girl had touched
him first and that he had responded by touching her over her clothes,
not on her skin. Dorinvil said the boy had not been in trouble before.

from the Boston Globe

How times have changed. Is this more evidence that we are drifting
towards religious fundamentalism and an Islamic separation of the sexes,
to avoid
even the trace of a suspicion of impropriety? No more tag on the playground?
No more Twister, no more touch football, no more ring around the rosie?
No more water polo, tug-of-wars, piggy-back rides, arm wrestling, Indian
leg wrestling, wheelbarrow races, musical chairs, alee alee in free,
punch buggy, seat sharing, legups, paper, rock or scissors, or any other
activity which could lead to boy skin touching girl skin.

The Dowbrigade thanks his lucky stars that these laws and regulations
hadn’t been thought of when he was a wee miscreant. We remember, at age
three, inviting two friends, Lori Herman and Karen Gannett, over to play
one Saturday afternoon.  We were in the playroom in the basement,
obviously too young to get into any serious trouble. That’s when
we invented the memorable game called "Sandwich".

Sandwich involved laying a broad, flat couch pillow down on the floor.
This was the bread. Then Lori would pull her pants down around her ankles
and lie face down on the pillow. Next, the precocious mastermind three-year-old
would pull down HIS pants and lie down on top of Lori. This accomplished,
young Karen would pull down HER pants and get on top of the Dowbrigade.

Finally, somehow (for there was no one else to help) we got another
of the big, flat pillows and maneuvered it onto the very top of the pile. This
was the finished sandwich.

Once the sandwich was assembled, the fun would begin. The object,
as we seem to remember, was to sway gently and slightly back and forth,
gradually increasing the swings in amplitude and speed, balancing more
and more precariously, until the whole stack fell over onto the playroom
floor, and we started the whole process over again.

Obviously, we were trying to recreate what one of our filthy, infantile
minds (probably yours truly) had seen some adults doing, somewhere, somehow.
We had no idea what we were trying to accomplish, but we seem to remember
it was rather fun.

Lest we give the impression that the Dowbrigade is a swinging libertine
with an extensive history of menage-a-trois, it should be noted that
this was as close as we have ever been to being in bed with two girls
at the same time, with the exception of one ill-fated attempt with the
Weaver sisters which resulted in the Dowbrigade getting slugged, slapped
and locked out of his own apartment.

So, thank goodness the statute of limitations has expired on our
infantile indiscretions. Although we seem to remember that in some
cases there
is no limitation on sexual molestation charges. Perhaps we should speak
to a lawyer before writing any more….

note: some of the names have been changed to protect the hopefully innocent.

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