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Archive for February 16th, 2006

Holy War – The Ultimate Oxymoron

Posted by glasscastle on 16th February 2006

On February 16, 2006, the reformist Internet daily Rooz (
reported for the first time that extremist clerics from Qom had issued
what the daily called "a new fatwa," which states that "the
shari’a does not forbid the use of nuclear weapons."

The following are excerpts from the Rooz report by Shahram Rafizadeh:(1)"When
the Entire World is Armed With Nuclear Weapons, it is Permissible to Use
These Weapons as a Counter-[Measure]"

"The spiritual leaders of the ultra-conservatives [in Iran] have accepted
the use of nuclear weapons as lawful in the eyes of the shari’a. Mohsen
Gharavian, a disciple of [Ayatollah] Mesbah Yazdi [who is Iranian President
Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor], has spoken for the first time of using
nuclear weapons as a counter-measure. He stated that ‘in terms of the shari’a,
it all depends on the goal.’

from the Middle
East Media Research Institute

Shari’a does not forbid the use of nuclear weapons? As far as we know, neither does the Mishna….

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A Dozen Roses and a YoMoZaHo Coffee

Posted by glasscastle on 16th February 2006

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iranians love Danish
pastries, but when they look for the flaky dessert at the bakery they
now have to ask for "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad."

Bakeries across the capital were covering up their ads for Danish pastries
Thursday after the confectioners’ union ordered the name change in retaliation
for caricatures of the Muslim prophet published in a Danish newspaper.

"Given the insults by Danish newspapers against the prophet, as of
now the name of Danish pastries will give way to ‘Rose of Muhammad’ pastries," the
union said in its order.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (DB) – In retaliation for the
recently announced order from the Tehran Confectioners Union that henceforth
Danish pastries must be refered to as "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad.",
the Copenhagen City Council has unanamously passed a decree that all
Turkish Coffee must be sold as "YoMoZaHo Coffee". In
addition, all iterations of the classic arcade game "PacMan" must be
relabeled as "Freedom of Expression Man".

from AP News

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Cheney Reveals He Has Secret Powers

Posted by glasscastle on 16th February 2006

WASHINGTON (AP) – Vice President Dick Cheney disclosed Wednesday that
he has the power to declassify sensitive government information, authority
that could set up a criminal defense for his former chief of staff, I.
Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Cheney’s disclosure comes a week after reports that Libby testified under
oath he was authorized by superiors in 2003 to disclose highly sensitive
prewar information to reporters.

But in an interview on Fox News Channel, Cheney said there is an executive
order that gives the vice president, along with the president, the authority
to declassify information.

from AP News

An executive order, huh? That would be an order from the Cheif Executive.So
the President endowed himself with this power, and Cheney, too. A sort
of Power Sui Generis…..

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