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What Have YOU Been Searching For Lately?

Posted by glasscastle on 26th February 2006

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 25 (AP) – Google Inc.’s concerns that a Bush administration
demand to examine millions of its users’ Internet search requests would
violate privacy rights are unwarranted, the Justice Department said Friday
in a court filing.

from The
New York Times

Wait a minute! The Bush administration wants (somehow that sounds a
lot scarier than just saying "George Bush wants", which sounds like the
a joke) to examine MILLIONS of users’ search results? That’s crazy!

The Dowbrigade has long subscribed to the Dodgeball Dogma while
making his way through life – blend in, don’t attract attention and
rely on
the law of averages. If the RIAA has sued 5,000 users out of 100 million,
and the average defendant was sharing over 500 files, we figure we are
pretty safe looking for Christmas carols with Lime Wire. If we read that
the IRS audits 2% of the people with one job who take the standard deduction
and 5% of the people who itemize, we’ll take the standard, even if it
costs us a bit more.

But millions of Google Users could easily include YOU or US. They could
conceiveably be interested in some of the promising email we seem to
be getting these days from certain foreign pharmacies. And what will
they make of our fascination with the American Nazi Party? Will they
conclude we are a skinhead? With a name like Feldman?

On the other hand,
the Justice Department could easily misconstrue the research we have
lately on the
bladder capacity of a series of aquatic mammals and marsupials. Or
any number of other passing fancies or arcane areas of legitimate research.
There are doors that we open in our ceaseless search for knowledge and
which we choose to close immediately, and which should remain closed.

Does anyone know of a hack or a simple program that PREVENTS Google
from keeping a record of your searches, or at least the connection between
those searches and your IP or actual identity?

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