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Assault on Art

Posted by glasscastle on 1st March 2006

review of the Fine Arts eloquently essays the state of the arts in
modern American culture. Of course, decrying the
dearth of appreciation for the classics is the prerogatives of crusty
curmudgeons and aging academics, but when the art itself is endangered,
we all stand
to lose.

Maybe if 12-year-olds and the happy hour crowd don’t usually go
to art museums, there is a reason, and maybe it is for the mutual protection
of both parties……

DETROIT (Reuters) – Painter Helen Frankenthaler’s landmark abstract
work "The Bay" just got a little more abstract — to the dismay
of Detroit museum officials.

A 12-year-old boy visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts with his school
group on Friday stuck a wad of chewing gum on the painting, which is
worth an estimated $1.5 million, the Detroit Free Press said.

The barely chewed Wrigley’s Extra Polar Ice gum left a residue stain
about the size of a quarter in the lower left-hand corner of the painting,
the newspaper said.

from Reuters


Martinifest Degenerates in Museum

A party at a US art museum got out
of hand after the organizers promised revelers as many martinis as they

The martini fete at at Milwaukee Art Museum ended with drunk guests passing
out, throwing up and clambering over artworks.

One reveler, Kathleen Christians, 39, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "It
was crazy. People were shoving people over. People were getting sick,
screaming, shouting, messing with the artwork."

Four young men climbed onto Standing Woman, a tall, bronze sculpture
of a goddess-like woman by early 20th-century American artist Gaston

from Ananova

Or maybe it just means if you give away hard liquor in a beer town,
cover the rugs and hide the silver….

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Forbidden Cyber City

Posted by glasscastle on 1st March 2006

China may be planning to break away from ICANN and the
Domain Name System, after creating its own versions of several top-level

China has announced it is creating a new set of domain names based
on Chinese characters.China has created three of its own top-level
domains that will use the domain names .cn, .com and .net, in Chinese.
The domain names were launched on Wednesday by the Chinese Ministry
of Information Industry.

from ZDNet

We predicted this months ago (Alternet
). It seems inevitable
that there will be some variety of many-tiered Internet in the future,
with variations in speed,
media-on-demand and access to restricted areas, but we prefer the model
wherein there is a universal global aether, so to speak, within which
and companies can establish areas of private access and specialized
services, rather than the Balkanization model wherein multiple and
mutually exclusive Internet universes compete with each other, as the
Chinese seem determined to establish.

On the other hand, ICANN says it ain’t so….

However, ICANN officials contacted the Chinese Internet Network Information
Center (CNNIC), which oversees the country’s .cn top-level domain, after
the report was published and were told there are no new Chinese top-level
domains. The report may have resulted from a misunderstanding of work
already in progress that involves second-level domains, according to
Tina Dam, ICANN’s chief GTLD (generic top-level domain) registry liaison.

from PC World

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