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True Face of Shakespeare

Posted by glasscastle on 4th March 2006

Face of William Shakespeare" by Prof. Hildegard Hammerschmidt-Hummel
(Chaucer Press)

A new computer model and
a show at the National Portrait Gallery in London reveal how little
is known about how Shakespeare looked.

is amazing with the attention still showered on the Bard, over 400
years after the fact, theat we still know so little about
the man and his life – even what he looked at. This new computer
model uses the most academically accepted portraits, as well as a plaster
cast of the bust that was placed above his grave in Holy Trinity Church
in Stratford sometime between 1620 and 1623.

This photo of teh computer reconstruction, which appeared in the New York Timestoday, also reveals that old Will had some wicked weird skin disease, as well, which may explain why he was so reluctant to be photographed.

Plus, Prof. Hildegard
Hammerschmidt-Hummel, the guy who wrote the book, is an instant finalist
in the "Name of the Year Award"…

from The
New York Times

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