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Buddha Boy Absconds – or Disappears

Posted by glasscastle on 13th March 2006

The weekend disappearance of a Nepalese boy whom supporters
hail as a reincarnation of the Buddha has sparked a nationwide search.

Supporters have showered 16-year old "Buddha
" Ram Bahadur Bomjan with
money and gifts for allegedly sitting in motionless meditation in the
roots of
pipal tree without taking food or water, or using the toilet, since May
16 last year.

"He left as there was a lot of noise in the meditation area," his
friend Prem Lama told the Kathmandu Post.

A search using plain-clothes police and civilians failed to find the
boy, but he had been glimpsed in the jungle surrounding the meditation
site at Bara district 250 kilometres (150 miles) south of Kathmandu,
the Himalayan Times reported

"The boy disappeared at around three in the morning Saturday while the
people who guard the site were sleeping," Shankar Acharya, a journalist
from Bara, told AFP.

The boy had told supporters through a friend that he was not a reincarnation
of Buddha but was an "austere sage."

Gautama Siddhartha, who later became known as Buddha or the Enlightened
One, is believed to have been born in the same region near the border
with India in around 500 BC.

Expect the kid to surface in California, dude, and come
between Angelina and Brad….

from AFP

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Waiting for the Bush Prison Interviews

Posted by glasscastle on 13th March 2006

— A liberal Democrat and potential White House contender is proposing
to censure President Bush for authorizing domestic eavesdropping, saying
the White House misled Americans about its legality.

”The president has broken the law and, in some way, he must be held accountable," said
Senator Russ Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin.

The five-page resolution to be introduced today contends
that Bush violated the law when, on his own, he set up the eavesdropping
program within the National Security Agency in the months after the attacks
of Sept. 11, 2001

from the Boston Globe

We have been predicting
for quite some time, and
the NSA eavesdropping is only the tip of the iceberg. During the feverish
four years between the the aftermath of 9/11 and the aftermath of Bush’s
reelection in 2004, the rabid rightists in the White House treated the
Constitution like so much toilet paper. The country was at war, the enemy
was everywhere, and all available measures were justifiable.

We are convinced that the transgressions included not
only domestic eavesdropping, but withholding of information from Congress,
lying under oath, torture and blackmail of real and suspected opponents,
targeted killings of foreign officials and civilians, kidnapping and
chain of secret prisons, and illegal financing to pay for all of the

What Bush and his enthusiastic cohort conveniently
overlooked was that the provisions of the Constitution limiting the powers
of the
executive were inserted SPECIFICALLY to apply during times of strife,
war and other challenges to the state. Furthermore, in our world of multiple
smoking guns, indelible electronic paper trails and instant celebrity
for whistle-blowers, exposure of such egregious violations of the
law of the land cannot be avoided, only delayed.

This unraveling scandal also accounts for one of
the more curious odd couple pairing in recent news cycles.  At
first, we thought that Papa Bush was so constantly and publicly sucking
up to Big Bubba Bill Clinton simply as a way to diss his wayward son.  How
it must have galled Dubya to see his dear old Dad showering the approval
and camaderie that he, 43, so craved, on the morally corrupt nemesis
of his son’s political star.

But now the true motivation emerges from the fog of
family politics. 41 IS a loving father.  He is simply trying to
pre-negotiate a Nixon-style pardon for his wayward son in the event
of a second Clinton presidency! Brilliant political gamesmanship. Here’s
hoping it doesn’t work – we are looking forward to the George Bush
prison interviews…..

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Good Move on the Name

Posted by glasscastle on 13th March 2006

YORK (Reuters) – Osama bin Laden’s niece, an aspiring singer who posed
for a sexy photo shoot in a men’s magazine last year, has signed up for
a reality television show about her life and her as yet unfulfilled "quest
for stardom."

Wafah Dufour Bin Ladin, whose mother was married to the al Qaeda leader’s
half brother, was born in California but lived in Saudi Arabia from the
age of three to 10.

"I understand that when people hear my last name, they have preconceived
notions, but I was born an American and I love my country," Dufour
said in a statement from ReganMedia announcing the deal to develop a reality
TV series.

Dufour has dropped the "Bin Ladin" — a different spelling of
the Arabic name from that used by Osama bin Laden — and now goes by the
name Wafah Dufour.

from Reuters

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