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Abortion How-to – Don’t Try This at Home

Posted by glasscastle on 16th March 2006

A feminist blogger has posted explicit directions
online for a surgical abortion, in reaction to the new South Dakota law
all but banning the procedure.

Her action troubles activists on both sides of the issue: Is it a harbinger
of a return to the era of secret, illegal abortions?

At her "Molly Saves
the Day
" Web log, the 21-year-old Florida
resident uses the pseudonym Molly Blythe. Given the volatility of the abortion
debate, she requested that her real name and city of residence not be used
in this story.

from the
Seattle Times

Long before Roe v. Wade, a seventeen-year-old Dowbrigade
got his first serious girlfriend pregnant. After typical teen angst
and melodrama, the woman in question, still a close friend, chose to
fly to enlightened England, which was actively organizing 3-day Abortion
Tourism all-inclusive packets for girls who could afford it. It was no
fun, and expensive for a pair of 17-year-olds, but it beat some back
street butcher shop.

Three months later New York State, anticipating
Roe by 3 years, legalized the procedure, an early indication of the
timing which would afflict us throughout our life. But to this day we
will fight for a woman’s right to choose. In fact, we have been known
to argue
in favor of parents right to kill their kids even AFTER they are born,
say to a reasonable age of 18, under certain conditions.

Of course, our dear Mother will argue that there should
be NO expiration age…..

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