Librarian Charged with Sex Harassment for Reading List

A "sexual harassment" investigation is ongoing at an
Ohio college after the school’s librarian suggested that students read
a few books from a conservative perspective.

According to the Alliance Defense Fund — a legal alliance that aggressively
defends religious liberty — a librarian at Ohio State University at Mansfield
has been slapped with a "sexual harassment" charge after he suggested that
freshmen read four best-selling conservative books.

Scott Savage is a reference librarian at OSU Mansfield and a member of
the school’s First Year Reading Experience Committee. After suggesting
that students read "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian, "The Professors"
by David Horowitz, "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis" by Bat Ye’or, and "Takes
a Family" by Sen. Rick Santorum, Savage was put under "investigation."

The Alliance Defense Fund reports that three professors filed a complaint
of discrimination and harassment against Savage because the list of books
he suggested made them feel "unsafe."

"Universities are one of the most hostile places for Christians and conservatives
in America," said ADF Senior Legal Counsel David French, who heads ADF’s
Center for Academic Freedom. "It is shameful that OSU would investigate
a Christian librarian for simply recommending books that are at odds with
the prevailing politics of the university."

from Christopher
in Human Events Online

Incredible story, in the sence of stretching creibility.
As big a fan as we are of finding "sexual" twists to almost anything,
we fail to see the connection here.So far, the only on-line mentions
we have found for this story are from a handful
of conservative blogs
Anybody at OSU, or otherwise on top of the story, who can perhaps give
a logical analysis of what’s going on?

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