Deadly Asian Lionfish Breeding in Bahamas

A juvenile lionfish, which is native to the Pacific
and Indian Oceans, was found by divers recently off the coast of the
Bahamas, a sign that the venomous fish may now be breeding in the Atlantic
Ocean, according to a spokesman from the New England Aquarium.

Lionfish have no natural predators in the Atlantic Ocean, and recent data
show that lionfish are reaching sexual maturity at a younger age, said
Tony LaCasse, a spokesman for the aquarium, so the fish could begin to
proliferate in these waters.

The juvenile lionfish, found by divers from the New
England Aquarium on an expedition, measures less than 4 inches long and
will be on display at the aquarium, along with four adult lionfish that
the aquarium previously owned.

from the
Boston Globe

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  1. I have been on Bahamas a number of times, was diving there and have never seen anything as beautifull as that lion fish. Looks awesome.

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