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  • May 2006
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Comic of the Day – Mongrels Rule

Posted by glasscastle on May 13th, 2006

The Dowbrigade has long maintained that
obsessing on pedigree in man’s best friend smacks of eugenics and Naziesque
"Race Purity".
Or maybe we could compare the emphasis on bloodlines and limiting the
gene pool to the bizarre intermarriages between the royal families
of Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, with results so unfortunately
apparent in the British Royal Family.

Give us a mutt any day. We’ll take the bastard,
the mixed-breed, the hybrid. From a genetic point of view, these "purebreds"
are freaks
– the results of genetic manipulation designed not to make them healthier,
or longer-lived, or better at what dogs do, but to make them "cuter"
or more attractive in the eyes of humans.

And not all humans. Most people, and all kids, absent
adult influence, would be just as happy with a lovable, floppy-eared
mutt. But the folks
who breed these canine champions, have you ever taken a close look
at the audience at the Westminster Dog Show? And the breeders? It seems
the members of the American Kennel Society have rather bizarre opinions
of what a good looking dog should look like, and with good reason. They are a rather bizarre-looking lot themselves.

Only a twisted sadist with a sick sense of humor
could have come up with the Dachshund, or the Dandie Dinmont Terrier ,
or the Shih-Tsu or the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. In fact, looking
at the breeders
and trainers makes us wonder if Eugenics and Controlled Breeding is
the cause of their problem, or the only possible solution to it.

So let the Aryan Master Race breed their German Shepards and Dobermans.
The mud people will inherit the earth, and Mongrels Rule.