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Slooow Striptease Brilliant Promotion

A model has been coated in a million individual Swarovski crystals and is being slowly undressed online. The crystals are being sold off individually on eBay for upwards of one euro (68p) each. As the crystals are sold, more and … Continue reading

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Tower of Babel Around Language

After an emotional debate fraught with symbolism, the Senate yesterday voted to make English the "national language" of the United States, declaring that no one has a right to federal communications or services in a language other than English except … Continue reading

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Chimp-like Hobbits Had Brain Disorder

A US-British team of scientists has challenged the idea that the tiny skeleton from Indonesia dubbed "the Hobbit" is a new human species. Writing in Science magazine, the team presents an alternative theory that the remains could be those of … Continue reading

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