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Mexico Prepares Drug Orgy for US Tourists

MEXICO CITY – Demonstrators pretend to smoke fake marijuana cigarettes during a protest for the decriminalization of marijuana in La Alameda park, in this May 4, 2002 file photo in Mexico City. Police and business owners from Mexico’s beaches to … Continue reading

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Seeking Silver Bird for Tiny Golden Cage

In tiny, tiny bits, gold makes exquisite geometry. Clusters of 20 gold atoms, for example, always come in the shape of a pyramid, perfect for a subatomic King Tut. Now scientists have found a new, unexpected configuration: a cage consisting … Continue reading

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Killer Cat Put on Prozac Faces Death

FAIRFIELD, Conn. –Janet Kettman says she and her neighbors on Sunset Circle are always looking over their shoulders in fear the stalker will strike again. "He attacks from the back," Kettman said Monday. "You never see it coming. He has … Continue reading

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