Smoking Pot May Fight Cancer Growth

stories seem to run in bunches….

NEW YORK — People who smoke marijuana may be at less
risk of developing lung cancer than tobacco smokers, according to a study
presented yesterday.

The study of 2,200 people in Los Angeles found that even heavy marijuana
smokers were no more likely to develop lung, head, or neck cancer than
nonusers, in contrast with tobacco users, whose risk increases the more
they smoke.

The findings seemed to be a surprise; marijuana smoke has some of the
same cancer-causing substances as tobacco smoke, often in higher concentrations,
said the senior researcher, Donald Tashkin, a professor at the David
Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.
One possible explanation is that THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, a key
ingredient in marijuana not present in tobacco, may inhibit tumor growth,
he said.

from Reuters

Which must mean that if Bob Marley HADN’T smoked a quarter-kilo
of Ganga a day, he never would have lived long enough to write all those
great Reggae songs…

Now, if we can just find that Willie Nelson story,
we’ll go for the Mary Jane Trifecta after we get back from the Summer
Startup Meeting….

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81 Responses to Smoking Pot May Fight Cancer Growth

  1. tony sosa says:

    this is for matt if u was a real hustler u wouldnt be flashin it like that talkin bout guns and shit and you dumb ass fuck who puts there number on an open post talkin bout i got that good shit ……wangsta…..b real if u got connect and custies u dont need to b sponsering yo shit like that fake ass nigga

  2. pot hed says:

    hu gives a fuk smoke it all day =] i doooooo tis gud shit m8

  3. Anonymous says:

    wtf i quit smokin for six weeks not because it’s bad for me but cause i’,m broke nothin really been goin on

  4. anonymous says:

    i run three miles every. i run track. i’m eighteen and in perfect health. i’m a senior in high school with a B average. i have a job. i’ve already applied and been accepted into three colleges. i scored a 27 on my act. i smoke about a quarter ounce a day. but yeah, you’re right, marijuana is a horrible drug that makes you melt away your life. i used to smoke cigarettes, for two years i did. i would get out of breath running up stairs or just from light work. i quit two years ago and started smoking pot more frequently to subside my smoking habits and my lungs function without severe strain. the amount of damage done to the lungs isn’t severe enough for the government to strip us of our rights to our free will on how we treat our bodies. they can’t prohibit it on health risk because it isn’t a risk. cigarettes are legal yet worse than marijuana? and carry a larger risk of dependancy than marijuana ever could? there has never been one reported death from the use of marijuana. i’m glad the government doesn’t realize that bud has been around since day one on this earth no matter how old the earth is. people will always smoke. just get over it and let me smoke.

  5. Bob Marley says:

    Pots A Plant It Growns in The Ground If God Didnt Like It It Wouldnt Be Arund So Fuk The World And Lets Get High ! YEYAH RESPECT 2

  6. JV says:

    god put trees here for a reason. stay high. i smoke so much i dont even think of it as gettin high its like im gettin refreshed yall no what im sayin if u like that too.

    the king calm as the radio static. fuck wit J ill cause a havoc. make u wish u died in traffic. sorry if im being to graphic thats just wat comes out my mind when im higher than an attic – JV

  7. dan says:

    smoking weed is bad for u, smoking is bad for u, drinking is bad for u.

    whats wrong with a groups of guys sitting around smoking a doob when thousands of people everyday are getting pissed up causing fights and shit…. you never see on the news a group of stoners being arrested for criminal damage or GBH do ya?

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. shayne brookes says:

    The war on drugs is a war on people ive smoked for 15 years with no il efects free the weed

  10. John camp says:

    I love how everyone who leaves comments tries to act like the biggest stoner alive. None of u guys r cheech and chong and most of u r probably just lying to look cool.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i go to ole miss and i smoke every day. i have a 3.94 an will be beginnning med school next semester. i have never had lung issues, and the only side effect is short term memory loss while high. SMOKE ON!

  12. mr.ganja says:

    smokin the ganja is good dont let anybody tell u its not
    we are the uprising and we are growing fast !!!

    leeds, england

  13. Will says:

    The reason that THC inhibits tumor growth is that it starts the apoptotic sequence in aging cells throughout your body. The older the cell, the more susceptible it is to cancer and rapid growth (formation of a tumor). This sequence is essentially the self-destruction of a cell, which is key to our continued living. If we never replaced cells, we would die. Marijuana is completely harmless, and yes, is way better for you than cigarettes. The only negative effects are decreased lung capacity in heavy marijuana users.

  14. I don’t think that nicotine is much of an addiction. I think it is much more of a habit and emotional tool for distraction. Physically the chemical dependency lasts for a very short time, just a couple of days. What most people who are having difficulty quitting experience is the emotional turmoil from losing the crutch they’ve depended upon. That’s not physical addiction.
    That’s why smoking hypnosis is my favored choice.

  15. paul says:

    if your a not a fucking doctor or scieentist then shut the fuck up…they obvisly know what there there probly right you morons


  17. mariguana is da best shit that could happen 2 u got shit going on u just keep it ack and cheff that shit up and fuck wat da people say dont trip on potheads like us and go on with ur pease of shit lifes fucken bitchs…..ITS ALL ABOUT THAT ABOVE CLOUDS…. FUCK DURTY CULOS,DICK CHOKERS,DURTY CUCHIES

  18. Adam says:

    It makes me sick how ignorant most people are. Smoking marijuana IN MODERATION is good for you. There is no question about it. Of course, if it is abused, it can be harmful, BUT THAT GOES FOR ANYTHING! The only people that against marijuana who have any sort of remotely valid opinion whatsoever are those that DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL AT ALL, smoke tobacco, or hell, even drink coffee or have taken any kind of under OR over the counter pharmaceutical drug.

    You people should do your own research.
    Right now you’re just a bunch of puppets. You believe whatever your parents told you when you were a kid. Read a fucking book.

    Read. Don’t be so biased and have an open mind.

    There is STRONG evidence that MJ can fight cancer.

    Take this for example:

    You think scientists just make this up for fun? Base your opinion on FACT rather than BULLSHIT, SCARE TACTICS and PROPAGANDA.

    End rant.

    PS. This is aimed only at the negative comments.

  19. J. Laveaux says:

    All of you anti-marijuana fuckers can stfu and move on. “I’m the one that’s gonna die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to” – James Marshall Hendrix 1967

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  21. geordie boy says:

    smoke that lump ov fucking weed get high like a nigger pie dam i love smoking weed pease out from going to get backed

  22. Anonymous says:

    AMEN BROTHER!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sarutobi Sazo says:

    Literaly most of you “none smokers” can really just stfu because, MJ has a calming affect that helps people who have anxity relax, you cigerate smokers are the ones that are gonna die first of lung cancer, im 17 still in school. i smoke pot everyday when i get a chance to and i plan on smoking for years more. BTW most of the pot smokers hear please speak in a more literarly fashion, because i cant understand half the people here who speak in jibberish…

    Secondly, i believe pot helps fights canerous tumors, there for if you smoke pot the chances of getting cancer is low. On the other hand you “cigerate smokers” who think you know everything about us YOU ARE WRONG. We are the open minded ones who do the research on the internet for shit that isnt on the god damn TV, you lazy ass non open minded can just be fooled by the media and i swear, just take the time to do reasearch on BLACK LISTED NEWS that the ‘government doesnt want you to know, in fact there are restrictions on what can and cannot be said on the media and any other tv station. I probly wont ever be back on this site again to see the responses to my statement. So please take the time and be open minded even if you dont smoke.

  24. Isaac Fennell says:

    i love how much you can learn about someone simply from their comments on pages like this. Its ok all of you who get your info on the subject from parents and the media – you are just listening to the most obvious source, right? its amazingly obvious when someone has absolutely NO research behind what they say. all i will say is – marijuana is literally a plant, its been smoked for thousands of years. it’s more natural than alcohol. funny how 1 in 5 admissions to hospital in the UK are alcohol related. id love to see the figures for cannabis hospital admissions. Give this a read, shows how the people that govern what we can and cant do (in this case grow or smoke LITERALLY a plant – theres no man-made process to weed other than picking it off the plant) dont listen to real evidence…

  25. MCsMokEAl0t says:

    smoking weed does help Cancer Growth hell yea it does i use to be a little ass kid but when started this gift from god wow i’m pretty big noww.420 everyday

  26. Mike says:

    When I was on my path of quitting smoking cold turkey, your site and knowledge helped me a lot. Thx

  27. k2 herbs says:

    I don’t think it’s surprising at all. I do my own research and don’t rely on Fox News like a lot of idiots do.

  28. Vaporizer says:

    Smoking Marijuana was the best decision I ever made you goat fucking haters. If you’re not informed then don’t say shit, yes smoking anything fucks up your lungs, we know, we accept that, we smoke it anyways, better then cigs. More Details: Vaporizers

  29. Humboldt33 says:

    Wow, it’s too bad there’s so many dumbasses here. It’s people like you who give weed a bad name.
    Power to the informed people.

    Weed doesn’t kill brain cells. That’s just a misinformed lie your parents and the government told you.

    O and fuck mainstream news.

  30. Are marijuana really does this. If yes then this was great to me b’coz i would to quit tobacco contained smoking but still i can’t. So just lot of thanks for this.

  31. Anonymous says:

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