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The Emperor and the Accountant


MIAMI — A British research firm recently combed 25,000
DNA samples searching for a modern descendant of Genghis Khan from outside
the Mongolian warlord’s ancient empire.

They found one: a University of Miami accounting professor.

Tom Robinson, a 48-year-old Palmetto Bay, Fla., resident, has taken the
odd news with amiable modesty, even though the Mongolian ambassador to
the United States plans to invite him as an honored guest to his Washington

They’re an unlikely pair, the emperor and the accountant. Genghis was known
as the type of guy who would conquer villages across two continents, murder
entire tribes, and take thousands of female partners.

Robinson is an academic who leads a quiet life with
his wife of 25 years. “I think I do have a certain number of administrative
skills," Robinson said, noting he was once president of a local
financial analyst society. "I haven’t done any conquering, per se."

from the Boston Globe

Best Damn Camp – Bar None


We managed to make it to both days of Boston
the non-conference making its way around the country.  Of course,
on Sunday we snuck out for just a few minutes, between errands and promises
to Norma Yvonne for quality time before the World Cup begins and we crawl
into a soccer ball for a month.

But we managed to snag a T-shirt and a couple of sandwiches
(kudos on the menu, guys) and touched base with a few more erstwhile
pals.  All in all it was one of the most relaxing, low-key yet interesting
conferences we have seen, despite Shimon’s
best efforts
to spice things
up by summarily insulting and cutting off our hosts.

Much of it was over our head, but it sure beat the alternative
(Spanish soap operas and feline vacination clinics). We shot some video
which we pasted up HERE as an Mp4 (QT). We don’t know how to make it
stream, but you should be able to download and play (6.5 MB)

link to MOVIE