The Government We Deserve

Here in Boston, the majority of the local political
attention is going to the burgeoning Governors
to replace "Catchers"
Mitt Romney, who has come as close to declaring his candidacy for President
in ’08 as one can without being committed to a mental health facility.

There are three Democrats, one prominent Republican,
an "Independent" and a token Greeny, and between them, according
Boston Globe
, they will be spending well over the $30 million record
set in the last governors race in ’02. Already, the radio and television
ads have started to wear their weary routes in our wary cerebral cortex,
routes unfortunately fated to develop into deep ruts in the months between
now and the

Christopher F. Gabrieli, a wealthy venture capitalist,
Managing Director of the Ironwood Equity Fund, has emerged as the front-running
big spender, and has
a "personal
spending limit" of $15.2 million of his own money, a fortune so significant
he won’t even feel the loss. Especially if he wins.

The other candidates are a less than charismatic crew.  There
is Deval Patrick, the favorite of the Democratic establishment, is the
"Black" candidate who can arguably claim to be the "Whitest" of the bunch
as well, having attended Milton Academy and Harvard, and later serving
as Vice President and General Counsel for
Texaco, from 1999 to 2002, when he jumped ship to become Executive Vice
President, Corporate Secretary, and General Counsel of The Coca-Cola

Joining them in the Democratic triumvirate is Tom Reilly,
the Massachusetts Attorney General who named as his running
mate Marie
St. Fleur
, a Black woman born in the Caribbean. Unfortunately,
a cursory investigation discovered within 24 hours that St. Fleur owes
over $13,000 in delinquent Federal income taxes, and over $40,000 on
a delinquent
In addition,
driver’s licence since she has not paid her city excise taxes. She
resigned from the ticket the next day.

The Republican is Kerry Murphy Healy, another Harvard
grad and the Boston Irish ballot balancing current Lieutenant Governor,
and the Independent is Cristy Mihos, millionaire businessman and Director
of Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. Rounding out the field, at about
a million-to-one odds, is the Rainbow party’s Grace Ross, another thoroughbred
out of the Harvard stables, and Coordinator of Sisters Together Ending

Speaking as a political tout, we can’t work up a single
calorie of heat over any of these morons. What do they all
have in common? Money, ego, ambition, good suits and expensive haircuts,
with the exception of Ms. Ross.

What strikes us most as we watch this depressing race
shape up, is how little the collection of candidates resembles the legions
of voters they hope will lift them to the corner office at the State
House come November. Where are the teachers, programmers, butchers, pharmacists,
farmers, writers, artists and truck drivers?. When did the political
class ascend to such a lofty level that only they are allowed to run
for office?

Why don’t our leaders look more like US, and why can’t
voters elect somebody who actually works for a living, doing something
they can understand?

The Dowbrigade believes that we the people have been
conditioned over the years to such a state of low self-esteem, bordering
in self-hate, that we believe that ordinary people like us could not
possibly lead a city, or a state, or a nation. Like a battered spouse
we have come over time to accept our degradation, to believe that we
somehow deserve to be treated like millions of mentally retarded revenue
streams to be milked and manipulated.

And maybe we do. We elected these fools, after all.
We have somehow been conned into believing that this collection of coifed,
we have elected are smarter, more capable and more morally upstanding
than our mailman, florist or dental hygienist.

How tragically inaccurate these impressions are is
rapidly becoming clear. Whether we can modify the method by which our
leaders are called to power remains to be seen.

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2 Responses to The Government We Deserve

  1. D. R. Tucker says:

    “If Deval Patrick ultimately fails in his bid to become the state’s first Democratic governor in 16 years, it will largely be because he struck too many non-liberal voters as an ‘educated fool.’

    It’s hard to believe that a man intelligent enough to make it through Milton Academy, Harvard University, and Harvard Law School would demonstrate little to no understanding of certain political realities in Massachusetts…”

  2. REB 84 says:

    It seems that throughout history, executive and/or royal authority has been gained via a ruthless determination to reach out and take as much power as people allow.

    Idealogs have risen to power in large part because too many people are too easily led. A “bandwagon effect” leads to almost a cult like following of “true believers.” These true believers have two main rolls (besides being cheer-leaders). They recruit new members or intimidate the opposition. Still, this dedication is not enough to maintain long-term power.

    Totalitarian movements grow because far too many citizens are uninvolved with politics and don’t ask questions. These citizens are the disconnected, silent majority. The key to positive change in America lies not with divisive partisan politics. The key is tapping into the pent-up hopes and dreams of the disaffected, uneducated, and uninformed Americans who don’t even bother to vote.

    On a positive note, I recently found a very interesting website This site is one way silent majority can learn how to question.

    It’s Propaganda Lessons section is good complementary reading to OhioDem1’s How to Sell a War I’m glad I found this site while Googling “question.” It is encouraging to find fellow Americans who are taking positive actions to help wake up America.

    Defend America
    ask questions

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