Highway Blogging

It takes only a bedsheet and 18-gauge wire for Bruce
Macdonald to stir road rage in some motorists.

For eight months the Cambridge lawyer has been stringing homemade banners from
highway overpasses, including those crossing Interstate 93 and Route 128. His
neatly painted messages usually take short jabs at the Bush administration or
the war in Iraq.

Like noxious fumes and traffic snarls, a well-placed road sign can’t be ignored
by a driver, he said. Tens of thousands of cars can stream beneath an “Impeach" or
“U.S. Out of Iraq" banner before it is ripped down, usually by a passerby
or road crew. “If they stay up a day they’re doing well," Macdonald said.
“Some people get upset ."

Macdonald, 59, is one of an increasing number of “highway bloggers" —
loosely connected activists who favor bridges over websites as posting places
for their antiwar slogans. They say it is an easy, inexpensive way to reach large
numbers of people, especially those who may not be receptive to their opinions.

Randall promotes freeway blogging on his website, freewayblogger.com , and through a two-minute instructional video, "How to Reach 100,000
People for Under $1.00."

from the Boston Globe

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