Bare Breast Backlash

Blame it on our upbringing. Too much breast feeding,
or not enough, but regular readers of the Dowbrigade may have noted
a certain fixation with the human breast.

In particular, we are deeply distressed by the discrepency
in public acceptance of the bared female vs. male breasts. Why does
our culture tolerate, even celebrate the bared masculine chest, yet
turn it’s head in shame and horror at the much more graceful and fuctional
female version.

We have written that it smacks
of sexism
. We have
traced the taboo to the tenets of the Elders
of Zion
. We have
speculated that it is evidence of the not-so-hidden
of the Gay
Liberation Movement. We enthusiastically envisioned bare breast beaches,
topless Fridays and bare-breasted equality in women’s sports like beach
platform diving and martial arts.

But all the time we imagined we were
campaigning for the liberation of
Recent news  reports,
however, have convinced us that in these fundamentalist times we
will be lucky to resist the increasing stigma and prudishness attached
the display of the MALE chest. The great cover-up has started…..

London – Men may be barred from baring their chests
– and stomachs – in public under new local laws being considered by

They would stop men stripping off their shirts in crowded town centres
and give powers to police to remove any who defy the cover-up laws.

The proposal has been inspired by the least attractive side effect
of the heatwave – the tendency of a number of often middle-aged men
to go about in nothing more than shorts and trainers.

from the Daily Mail

a related note, the same publication has made a powerful visual argument
with this
slide show
of geriatric male flesh.  Perhaps
we could put an age limit on degree of public nakedness. Maybe we could
say a person is allowed to bare a percentage of their flesh equal to
their age – babies could go completely naked, centinarians must be completely
covered at all times. Or perhaps we could have yearly body inspections,
like for automobiles, to check on the current condition of breasts,
thighs and chins. A tough job, but someone might have to do it. Looking
at these pictures, there oughtta be a law…..

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30 Responses to Bare Breast Backlash

  1. joe says:

    nothing more beautiful than a bare breast

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. estetik says:

    She needs a breast reduction. More information is in my site 🙂

  4. estetik says:

    nothing more beautiful than a bare breast

  5. She really needs a breast reduction..

  6. otogaz says:

    nothing more beautiful than a bare breast

  7. She really needs a breast reduction..

  8. Great post, I really enjoyed it. I will have to bookmark this site for later.

  9. I feel that as a Women, I should be allowed to feed my child anytime and at any place, without issue, as nature intended.

    Thank you for that article.

  10. Anonymous says:

    well because they are often have connotations of sex
    and of course the goverment and most religions are shit-scared of sex
    meanwhile male chests have nothing sexual (in most cases) connected with them no-one cares
    anyway I personally would love to see more females wearing no tops
    in fact, why not nothing at all

  11. Hmmm…Was that a sexist remark I detected? lol

  12. Yes, I believe that the woman pictured above should have a breast augmentation procedure done but that ultimately would be her choice.
    Steph: I think that women should be allowed to feed their child in public but please have respect for others. Some may get offended by it.

  13. As a society, we do seem to appreciate the female form though we do seem less open about it here in the US, than let’s say in Europe. Ultimately though, I think everyone would agree that there is an innate beauty in the functionality and physique of the female breast which explains why breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

  14. plastik ve metal çöp konteyneri…

  15. Michael says:

    Cosmetic surgery is needed for her.

  16. I think everyone in Europe would agree that breasts are beautiful and have always had a nurturing yet sexually aluring power to them, which is also why breast augmentation has become the epic cosmetic surgery and now thank goodness, widely accepted in society. For women who may have had under developed breasts or age has affected them, its nice that breasts have found their presence and power in society again.

  17. Ellen says:

    Does anyone know if breast reduction pills actually work? I’m really thinking about giving this a try before doing surgery.

  18. She really needs a breast reduction.

  19. These will cause her great distress if she does not have a reduction. The second pic was disturbing.

  20. Horse Cover says:

    The second pic haha – he is at an age where he just no longer cares! – Brilliant

  21. “Maybe we could
    say a person is allowed to bare a percentage of their flesh equal to
    their age – babies could go completely naked, centinarians must be completely
    covered at all times”

    Hahah that was pure genius!

  22. Arifin says:

    How about if after getting baby is the breast still can good or same condition is like before pregnance

  23. As a man, I would much rather see a bared female chest than a male one. Especially during hot weather!

    Nothing worse than a stinky dude, letting it all hang out!

  24. Xstroy says:

    Impressed first photo…

  25. DatingOnline says:

    Personally, I like them small. The age much more gracefully, never sag, and never too much to enjoy all at once.

  26. Jess says:

    THe first photo ids very nice. Not so much the second one….

  27. Fairly Fascinating publish. Couldnt be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He usually kept talking about this. I will forward this publish to him. Pretty certain he will have a great study. Thanks for sharing!

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