Single Servings

Unlucky in love? Stop beating yourself
up — and think about moving. Maybe to Denver. After all, it is the
best city for singles.

For the third consecutive year, Denver-Boulder is the top metro area
on our annual ranking of The Best Cities For Singles.

Boston sails into second place for the second year
in a row. "We’ve got a huge singles scene here," says Stuff@Night
staff writer Heather Bouzan. "I think the huge population of college
students in the city influences the scene–they make it rowdier and
give it more life."

In fact, Beantown sits near the top of the
list in nearly every category, thanks to its wealth of creative types,
multiple colleges and active online dating community.

it doesn’t fare as well when it comes to living costs or job opportunities.


It’s good to know, should our state of happily
married bliss ever end, that we are in the right place to do something

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