You Can Take The Lobster Out of the Pot…

At restaurants throughout the world, menus feature “Maine lobster," that
sweet, succulent stuff that makes grown people don bibs and make a delicious
mess. Like Idaho potatoes, Vermont maple syrup, and Florida oranges,
Maine lobster has become a name brand. The state produces 75 percent
of the lobster catch in the United States, and it brings a premium price,
both at the docks and on the table.

But are you really getting Maine lobster, or is it what some Mainers call an
“impostor lobster," from Canada or elsewhere? Under a new program that
kicks off today in Portland, lobster dealers will be encouraged to tag the catch,
identifying it as being caught in Maine waters. The plastic tags will hang from
the claw knuckles and state simply: “Certified Maine Lobster." On the front
will be a picture of a lobster and a lighthouse; on the back, “"

the Boston Globe

Those tags look waayyy too easy to counterfeit. Why, a Canadian schoolboy
with a Dell could produce a decent copy in 10 minutes. They should go
directly to embedded, encrypted microchips. Anybody wanna start a company to tag lobstas?

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  1. Louise says:

    I just started a new series of “how to” and recipes for grilling lobster tails that you might like.

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