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The Terrorists Among Us


As we careen closer to the fifth anniversary
of 9/11 and the election day that lurks a few weeks behind, expect
to hear more and more crowing over the fact that we haven’t been hit
again during that time, and speculation as to why not.

The law ‘n order repubs and the neo-cons will claim
it has been their non-stop efforts to dog the dastardly terrorists,
fighting them abroad, disrupting their financial networks, reading
their mail and keeping them off of airplanes. Liberals, Dems and anti-war
activists will cry that the right-wing paranoia is misdirected, counterproductive
and a transparent front for a cynical conspiracy to erode liberty and
deny Americans their hard-won rights.

Give it a break, guys! It is obvious to the Dowbrigade
why the terrorists, despite their threats and the capacity to act on
them, have refrained from hitting us again. Like professionals everywhere, the elite international
terrorists like working in America.

They like the loose borders and the unfettered freedom
of movement within them.  They enjoy the efficient transportation
system which enables them to get to meetings, move supplies and mix
a little recon in with their tourism.  They especially like the
ubiquitous internet, available in cafes and libraries in every city
town and village, which allows them to stay in touch with their friends,
plan their events, and research future job possibilities.

They appreciate our modern banking system. which allows
them to remain liquid, mobile and ready to take advantage of business
opportunities at a moments notice. They like American banks so much
that they all have multiple bank accounts and multiple ATM cards sto they can restock
their wallets anywhere, anytime.

And they are using those cards. We should be happy that they
are spending so much of their hard-raised jihad dollars supporting
the American economy that they are simultaneously working so hard to destroy. They are busy
buying cell phones, powerful personal computers, GPS positioning systems,
nifty night-vision goggles, remote-controlled planes, chemical supplies
and wonderful wardrobes. No where else is so much worthwhile gear so
readily available, and so cheap!

We are sure
they check for sales and bargains before buying, but doubt they go
for those mail-in rebates.

The simple reason they haven’t attacked us is that
they know that after the next major attack, the candy store is closing.
This country is going to be locked down so tight that North Korea will
seem like Brazil during Carnival in comparison. The borders will be
closed, national ID cards will be adopted faster than a billionaire
orphan, phone calls, email and magazine subscriptions will become open
records and "suspicious alien detention centers" will start popping
up like mushrooms after a summer rain.

Despite our best efforts to avoid racism and profiling,
it is going to be a very difficult time for Arabic-looking males in
this country. Non-citizens will have to register with the local police
every time they move or change residence. Citizens will have to show
their universal IDs to vote, get a job, rent an apartment, get on a
plane, train or bus, be treated in a hospital as well as at increasingly frequent
random checks in the streets and shopping malls.

The provisions have already be written, and the contingency
plans elaborated in great detail, "just in case." The terrorists know
this, and they have no desire to be cut off from the cornocopia of
opportunites and resources our country represents. They plan to get
as many operatives in, and as much information and materiel out as
before the
inevitable storm

Whether this is all part of a conspiracy depends on
one’s point of view, but
in any case, at least until history renders its judgment on the end
of The American Century. It is going to happen, and we will all have
to deal with the consequences.