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Fighting Obesity, One Cow at a Time


Judy Dresser knows bigger is not always better, especially when
it comes to livestock. On her Danville ranch live six miniature black
Angus beef cows.

Dresser began breeding and selling the Australian-developed cattle for
fun about two years ago and considers her designer beefers "part
of the family."

Still, industry insiders say all types of diminutive cattle, of which
about 26 different breeds exist — including mini-Herefords, Holsteins
and Jerseys — are growing in popularity around the world, primarily
as pets for moms with large back yards.

from the Contra Costa Times

The Family Jewels


BEDFORD, N.H. — A store surveillance camera captured a family
shoplifting from a New Hampshire consignment store, authorities said.

In the video, shot last week, two young children are seen removing items
from the jewelry case under what appears to be directions from their

"This is a well-orchestrated plan," said Bedford police Detective
Matthew Fleming.

Police said the family of six walked in and stayed 20 minutes. They walked
out with thousands of dollars in merchandise.

At one point, the family picked an item to buy, then followed the clerk
to the register, leaving behind a young boy to steal.

Then, with the mother on the far side of the store, the young girl made
a dash for an unlocked case.

The woman turned herself in to Bedford police on Wednesday. Police said
she came to the station after the videotape was aired on local television.

However, since no warrant had been filed, no arrest was made. The woman
promised to return after a warrant was issued.

from NBC Channel 4

Nice of the police to let her go home until they could cook up a
warrant. We guess in New Hampshire they believe in the honor system
when it comes
to jewel thiefs, which must cut down on law enforcement expenditures…..

HERE is the video