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AOL After Neo-Nazi Gold

America Online is prepared to take a backhoe to a Medfield couple’s yard in a search for as much as $500,000 in hidden gold and platinum bars it believes may have been buried there by their neo-Nazi son who made … Continue reading

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Careful What You Wish For

Thought wacky, nuke-hyping, Israel-threatening Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wasn[t annoying enough? Well, now he has a blog. State-run TV announced the blog’s launch Sunday, but www.ahmadinejad.ir – which is written in Persian, but translated into English, French and Arabic – … Continue reading

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Airing our Undies

In the past we have written of Zapatos, the funky warehouse shoe and clothing store, featuring seconds, overstock and, we suspect, the contents of an occasional mysteriously missing big rig. Name brands at a faction of list price, almost perfect … Continue reading

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