AOL After Neo-Nazi Gold


Online is prepared to take a backhoe to a Medfield couple’s yard in
a search for as much as $500,000
in hidden gold and platinum bars it believes may have been buried there
by their neo-Nazi son who made millions off of Internet spam scams.

AOL, the giant Internet provider, said it’s only trying to collect ill-gotten
assets from Davis Wolfgang Hawke, a former Westwood High School graduate-turned-neo-Nazi
cyber con artist.

AOL is determined to recover a $13 million settlement that it was awarded last
year by a federal court in a civil lawsuit against Hawke and his spammer cohorts.
AOL said it believes there may be gold and platinum bars on Hawkes’ parents’
Medfield property or on his grandparents’ property in Westwood.

"We have reason to believe (gold) is hidden" in Massachusetts, said
AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham, emphasizing AOL plans to give recovered
assets back to its scammed subscribers.

Hawke, 28, has disappeared since a federal court last year in Virginia
awarded AOL a $13 settlement against Hawke and his spam partner, Braden
M. Bourneval, a 21-year-old New Hampshire chess champion who settled
with AOL.

Published reports have said Hawke may have purchased as much as $500,000 in gold
bars from the millions he raised. AOL wouldn’t confirm that number, but Graham
said it does have receipts proving Hawke routinely purchased gold and platinum.

from the Boston Herald

Imagine that – two bloggable stories in one day
from the Herald. This one has it all – AOL, Spam scams, gold bullion,
buried treasure and neo-Nazis – almost.  All that’s missing
is  a sex angle.  Maybe we’ll find him holed up in a Bangkok

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