Careful What You Wish For


Thought wacky, nuke-hyping, Israel-threatening
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wasn[t annoying enough? Well,
now he has a blog.

State-run TV announced the blog’s launch Sunday, but – which
is written in Persian, but translated into English, French and Arabic – almost
immediately crashed due to a huge volume of traffic.

In his first entry, Ahmadinejad wrote about his childhood, the country’s Islamic
revolution and the Iran-Iraq war, reported.

And like all good blogs, Ahmadinejad’s asks readers to participate in a scientific,
objective online poll: "Do you think the United States and Israel are pulling
the trigger for another world war?"

The entry was 2,000 words long, but Ahmadinejad apparently has learned the lesson
all good bloggers must: At the end he wrote, "From now onwards, I will try to
make it shorter and simpler."

Ironically, Iranian authorities currently are stepping up arrests
and pressure
on popular bloggers.

from the Boston Herald

Those of us trying to push a blogger into the White
House should take note, although there is a world of difference between
a blogger who gets elected to office and an office-holder who starts
a blog. On the other hand, Bush wouldn’t be seen within a light-year
of a blog, or a blogger…

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