In a Pigcicle’s Eye


LEWISTON, Me. — On a hot July night, a few dozen Somali men were kneeling shoulder to shoulder in prayer at a storefront mosque here when the door opened and the frozen head of a pig, an animal considered unclean in Islam, rolled across the floor.

Men fled in fear. A child fainted. Some called the police and ran after the person who had rolled the head in. A suspect, Brent Matthews, was quickly apprehended and charged with desecrating a place of worship. Mr. Matthews, 33, said that the incident was a prank and that he did not know the significance of a pig’s head.

from the New York Times

Appropriate story, seeing as how the Downbrigade is heading for Maine in a couple of days. We have been in villages where a pigs head meant soup for a week. Oh well, one’s man’s pleasure is another man’s poison…..

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