Don’t Quit the Day Job

Haven’t been posting much lately, as a result of real, interesting work in our non-blogging existence, lack of any specific focus for our spleen or wit, and general indolence.

However, any readers interested in the application of technology to higher education may want to take a look at a mashup we created with our Nikon hand-held still camera, Final Cut Express and a fantastic beta site called Atlas, which allows you to tap into the Google mapping APIs through a super-simple, almost fool-proof interface (hey, even we figured it out our first time through).

It allows users to creat custom Google maps, of any dimension or variety, and place pins (many different colors and shapes provided) wherever. You can also select the size and content of the info window which pops up at that point, which can include text, images or even video. You can also control other aspects of the map.

So far we have used it to show our students Shopping Venues around town, movie theaters with showtimes, and now, a video tour of Harvard Square. If we could request one additional feature, it would be the ability to design and upload our own icons….

Atlas by Faneuil Media

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22 Responses to Don’t Quit the Day Job

  1. Rick Burnes says:

    Michael — Thanks for the nice post. Custom icons are definitely on our list. If you have any other feedback or comments, definitely let me know. We’d love to hear how we can make Atlas easier to use and more useful.


  2. That’s an awesome use of Google Maps. You should send a note to Google Map’s Mania and have them feature it. The only problem I have with it is that coding stuff like this IS my day job, they need to make it harder not easier!! 😀

  3. thanks for the great article man, all the best from

  4. billy says:

    Nice post, if you wana quit your day job i would say become an internet marketer 😉

  5. Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  6. Yea, I agre, it’s really important to have a job in this days!

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