Naked Graffiti Party in Boston Tonight

Five paint-covered punks, suspected to be in town for a naked graffiti party in South Boston this weekend, were busted by MBTA police while trying to practice their illegal art on several subway cars, officials said.

Three of the five were visiting from Europe and were ordered by a Quincy District Court judge to turn in their passports, stay off the T and remain in the United States until the case plays out in court.

Officials believe the men may be visiting for a Web-advertised underground party tonight in South Boston with DJs and events featuring nude models who will be decorated with body paint.

from the Boston Herald

Naked Graffiti Party??!! Tonight Somewhere in Boston??! And the Dowbrigade wasn’t invited??!! Several minutes of intense searching has failed to reveal the location or any of the reported on-line fliers for said Naked Graffiti Party, which, considering the police attention and last night’s arrests, is probably the point.

Any hot tipsters out there who clue us in to the 411 can rest assured we will not divulge any of the details until after the fact…..

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