Hillary’s Guys

Trying to reconcile politics and history is both difficult and dangerous. While the one is the essence of here-and-now action, with real-time polling constantly taking the pulse of the electorate and triggering actions in an incestuous feedback loop between the public and professional politicians, the other requires temporal perspective, dispassionate analysis and the benefits of big-picture thinking.

Yet it is clear to this half-wit pundit that the two-headed political monster sometimes refereed to as Billary is destined to be remembered as the consummate and dominate political operation of our generation. Electoral junkies like the Dowbrigade should feel privileged to have witnessed the entire arc (thus far) of their career as the ultimate power couple produced by the American system of post-democracy.

But getting back to the here-and-now, today Billary is faced with perhaps the greatest challenge of their storied career. How to get the her-half of the beast elected to the pinnacle of power when over a third of her own party hate her guts and wouldn’t vote for her even if the only other candidates on the primary ballot were Kinky Friedman and Howard Nifong?

Of course, another third of the electorate are passionate supporters, ready to not only vote but to work for and contribute to the cause.

The problem is the remaining third, the "swing" voters. For the most part, these are clueless average Joes and Joans who have been so hypnotized and hornswaggled by Modern Major Media that they wouldn’t recognize a sound political argument if it simultaneously appeared on every LCD panel and speaker in their environment. On the playground of American politics, these voters rotate betweeen the swing set, the see-saw and the jungle gym.

How to reach a sector of the electorate whose idea of breaking news is the latest results of American Idle voting and a live camera crew at Brittany’s rehab spa, when you are selling a candidate with such obvious and attackable negatives that Republicans are slapping each other to keep from chortling as she worms her way closer to the nomination?

How to offset the inevitable sniping on her war support, her flawed family life, the presidential pardon payoffs, her thinly disguised disdain for traditional femininity, her own carefully controlled feral furies? Why, by finding fitting competition from a candidate even more deeply flawed than herself, who despite an attractive patina of vigor and value, features flaws so deep future historians will marvel that he was ever successfully sold to the American public as a viable presidential candidate, even for the few months he is destined to serve in that role.

This is where Barak Hussein Obama comes into the picture. (see "Hillary’s Stalking Horse")

Can you really picture an American President, in these times, whose Grandfather was a Muslim, who speaks Arabic, who studied for four years in a Muslim country, who has no experience on the national or world stages? Dream on. However deserving he may be, how many Americans are going to be able to stand in the voting booth and pull the lever, push the button, fill in the circle or touch the name on the screen which sounds so much like the names of this country’s worst enemies?

Could it be any clearer that the Barak Hussein Obama campaign is a brilliant creation of the Clinton brain trust, designed to siphon attention, money and support away from more viable, dangerous democratic challengers to the Billary master plan? Poor Joe Biden, Christopher Dodd, Bill Richardson and Wesley Clark can’t even get onto the first section of the newspaper or the six-o’clock news through the media barrage being afforded to Hillary and Barak. Al Gore had to win an Oscar and John Edwards needed to be called a homo by Ann Coulter to break through the media monopoly of the Big Two.

By the time Mr. Obama flashes his Aw, Shucks smile and graciously bows out of Hillary’s way, in the name of Party Unity and the good of the country, it will be so late and the others so far behind that the race, or so Billary hopes, will be locked up. Payback for Barak will probably consist of a cabinet post, or maybe heading some high-profile, low-impact federal agency.

We don’t even hold out much hope for Obama long-term. We met the man at the last Democratic National Convention, and he struck us as, well, conventional. He is, in a very real way, the hope of the Democratic party. He is the embodiment of vision of the boys in the back room, perhaps now electronically wired rather than smoke-filled, but still as corrupt and manipulative as ever told in sordid tales of hoary political lore.

Obama was designed and manufactured by party hacks to draw a new generation of American voters into the moral morass of major party politics. He is a standard-issue, special-interest-sponsored, bought-and-paid-for corporate shill, honing his shtick on the primary party circuit, hoping to perpetuate a bankrupt system long after its healthy shelf-life has expired.

If there is anybody who can get us out of this mess, they aren’t coming out of the Democratic or Republican parties. But that’s a post for another day.

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