Spring in the Air – a Waft of Teargas

Local action in Boston concerning the Homeland Security Gestapo-style raid on the defense-contractor leather factory in New Bedford seems to be percolating up from the grass-roots level. The Dowbrigade position on immigration is that people ought to be able to live and work wherever they want and can find a job.

Folks should be able to move from one country to another as easily as they can move from one state to another – and for the same reasons. A better job, better weather, better sports teams…..People shouldn’t be condemned to lives of moral, political, religious or economic opression by accidents of birth. Most people would stay where they were born and raised, just as they do in the United States now, but like-minded people will congregate in different regions.

Won’t things get too crowded? Will there be enough jobs for everyone? We believe there are enough resources in the world for all of the people alive on earth today to live a lifestyle as rich and rewarding as that of the average American citizen, if available resources were distributed efficently. Perhaps not as energy-intensive, but with comparable standards of mobility, entertainment and consumer choice, and superior levels of health, education and economic opportunity.

Plus, believe it or not, billions of people around the world, don’t think is US is Paradise. They live in, or know of, other places which offer more of what is important to them. To each his own.

Our history consists of immigration – and opposition to immigrants. In the end, Immigration is the most American of experiences. After all, its the only thing we all have in common.

Today there is a rally at Trinity Church in Copley Square (5-7 pm):

Action – 5pm – 7pm Trinity Church Copley Plaza, 206 Clarendon St., Boston there will be a rally to support New Bedford workers and their families. Come hear from the workers and families directly affected by the raid in New Bedford. More information call CSIO at 617-742-5165. (from MIRA)

And tomorrow there will be a protest in front of the JFK Federal Building in Government Center (4-6 pm):

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