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Archive for April 13th, 2007

Dowbrigade Lives

Posted by dowbrigade on 13th April 2007

First posting on WordPress, the new blogging platform. Migration was traumatic but ultimately painless – it seemed like it would never work, until suddenly it did. Thanks to j, Sebastian and Hal, who helped the digital idiot Dowbrigade through the transition.

Obviously the first difference you notice is in the layout and design scheme. Unlike the old platform, Manila, in WordPress we cannot customize the layout. No more pictures of our cat, or that slick plaid kilting atop the old Dowbrigade. Some readers will applaud (hello, Mom) the changes.

As to the new look, it is still on probation. The available templates in WordPress are numerous but uninspiring. Switching seems to be as easy as clicking on a thumbnail. We may try out several before settling on one, and any opinions will be taken into consideration.

As to changes in content and editorial policy, don’t hold your breath. We may be able to include some new media types or interface innovations (we need to explore the new environment to see how much it can handle), but readers, if there are any left, can look forward to the same warped and eclectic choice of topics, questionable moral turpitude and slipshod journalistic standards which have become hallmarks of the Dowbrigade News.

Now if you will excuse us, we have just been sucked into the new SciFi channel series “Painkiller Jane”. Jane seems to have the same cellular regeneration power as Claire the Cheerleader from “Heroes”. Must be the specter of the big “C” which is sparking this new fixation with mutation and cellular regeneration.

The Dowbrigade has always been easily amused. Welcome to the new blog, same as the old blog.

photo by Sooz

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