Zombies Invade Upstate New York


rochesterzombie(May 18, 2007) — More than two years after their grim work began in Rochester, four human-tissue recovery workers and three local funeral directors have been charged with taking bones, skin and other material from corpses without obtaining consent.

A 179-count indictment unsealed Thursday focused on the cases of 36 people who died in 2005 and whose remains were sent to three Rochester-area funeral homes to be prepared for cremation. Instead, the indictment said, the remains were plundered for valuable tissue while grieving loved ones were kept in the dark.

from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (our first job in media)

What are the authorities keeping from the public? Obviously, there is either a serious zombie attack in upstate New York, or a relative of Dr. Frankenstein has set up shop. Neither would be that surprising for this hotbed of liberal eccentricity……


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