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Three weeks just fly by, when one is engaged in engrossing and challenging work in a novel environment. Teaching Torts and Contracts and Remedies in a posh precinct of London so full of museums it seems to serve as a warehouse of Empire has kept your reporter almost too busy to blog.

But it has passed in a flash, and now we are off to Amsterdam for 6 days of R&R before diving back into real life in Watertown. We are already assiduously avoiding desperate emails from flummoxed colleagues and needy children, all asking when we will be back. Too soon, too soon.

Meanwhile, our main worry is the authenticity of the somewhat shady last minute on-line travel agency from whom we obtained our air tickets and hotel reservations. We keep flashing in our mind’s eye to our chagrin on learning that our agency is merely a front for some Mongolian Mafia and our reservations no more than decorative ink on cheap copy paper.

We know not a soul in Holland, not anymore, although a close examination of the Dowbrigade stats reveals a hardcore of readers. Anyone aware of happenings or cyber events next week in Amsterdam, let us know.

The plan, if these reservations are real, is to stay at the Shipshol Airport hotel tonight, and move to the Van Gogh hotel tomorrow, on the Museumplatz, near the Big Three museums; the Van Gogh, the Reichsmuseum (Rembrant, etc.) and the modern art museum. This plaza is near Vondelpark, the biggest botanical refuge in the city, a bit away from the Dam and the major tourist areas. Lovely area, if we remember from our previous visits.

Added interesting note – as we hurry to post this last message before we cut the cord (ubiquitous wifi on Campus here in London) and head off into the adventurous part of the trip, Skynews on the TV is broadcasting live from Heathrow, the airport we are heading for, reporting that 141 flights have been cancelled, hundred yard lines, flooding, etc. Seems the situation is dire.

Although our flight isn’t supposed to leave for 8 hours, maybe we’ll head out as soon as they kick us out of the flat, at 10 am. Smells like news.

We will make an effort to post a few times from Cybercafes in the Low Countries.

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Semi-retired academic from Harvard, Boston University, Fulbright Commission, Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manta, currently columnist for El Diario de Portoviejo and La Marea de Manta.
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