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Stupid Criminal of the Year Finalist


Spokane, WA (KXLY) – He wanted to avoid a divorce, so police say a Spokane man took his wife to his garage to show her a haunted house he created, and then tried to hang her.

Sean Jennings’ wife still has the bruising and rope burns from where her husband allegedly tried to hang her.

Police say Jennings had the woman climb a ladder so she could test a noose that would support a skeleton during a neighborhood haunted house later in the month. The woman says her husband then turned on the garage radio and pulled the ladder away.

The woman often needs a wheelchair to get around but she was able to periodically support herself on her tip toes. She says at the last minute she was able to escape, but only after promising her husband not to divorce him and never tell anyone what he had done to her.

She kept her promise until Tuesday when she called police from a Wal-Mart parking lot in Spokane, Washington.

from WLTX in Spokane

VIDEO: Police Say Tried to Hang
Wife in Haunted House

This guy deserves to be nominated twice. Once, for giving his wife too much rope to hang herself, and again for making her promise to not divorce him for trying to kill her. And it took her a couple of days and a trip to Wal-Mart to decide to reneg on her promise, so she deserves at least an honorable mention. It must have been a tense couple of days in the Jennings household…..

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