Mercedes High-Bred Announced

The automotive world is abuzz over the latest entry into the hybrid auto market, the Mercedes Benz High-Bred. Available this fall in Sedan, Sportster and SUV version, the High-Bred reportedly gets over 75 miles per gallon of petrol on the highway.

The move is seen as a response to the runaway success of the Toyota Prius.

“Obviously, energy efficient cars are the wave of the future,” according to Otto von Schwineherter, director of corporate confabulation at Mercedes, “but going green needn’t mean you have to forgo a superior driving experience.”

He added, “There are many unsatisfied customers walking around with serious cases of Priapism.”

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16 Responses to Mercedes High-Bred Announced

  1. Louise says:

    I always wonder when they shoot the cars from that angle, especially concept cars. Who knows, it could be as small as the Mercedes Smart car. I used to see those in London and they were so small they could back into a curbside parking space.

  2. klubfe says:

    can you give me to his car please thnk you.

  3. fe says:

    ugly as shit

  4. CD Junior says:

    Looks great but I have to believe the 75 MPG claim is false. There is also an apparent 2 inch clearance on the incredibly flat facing front end which seems like a mistake or some kind of fake. Cars are not made with a huge flat panel facing forward perpendicular to the ground. So what is this?

  5. rock says:

    oww owww owww

  6. zoidet says:

    i love the car i love all mercedes

  7. Don’t think we’ll see this in the UK, it won’t go over a speed bump.

  8. GAP says:

    They show us this and give us the BlueEfficiency range. Somethings wrong with the world.

  9. If they spent less time on daft ideas they might be able to get the Mclaren Mercedes F1 car winning again.

  10. 75MPG is simply amazing, especially in a world that is “going green”. I can’t say the same for the exterior styling though!

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  12. Prices says:

    I like most mercedes cars, however this one is pretty ugly!

  13. I was wondering if this Mercedes Benz car will be available in US? Not sure how different is in size comparable to the Prius.

  14. Haven’t seen them on this side of the Atlantic yet.

  15. BMW M Coupe says:

    I’m excited for all the new hybrids, but there is nothing like the sound of a V8. I hope the hybrids come with a V8 sound option!

  16. Wow what a car. The cars of the future are so interesting looking. Soon they’ll be making flying cars like in the cartoons ha!

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