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  • December 2008
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Santa Norma Blesses Us All

Posted by dowbrigade on 25th December 2008

Norma Moreira with a calabash Nativity scene, from her native Ecuador, among the dozens of creches she has collected from around the world.

This Christmas, Norma Moreira and her husband are sharing their home with 45 wise men.

Moreira, who immigrated to the United States from Ecuador in 1996, has been acquiring Nativity scenes for the past two decades. With her collection now standing at 58 (15 of which contain the three wise men), images of a cluttered storefront might come to mind. But when you consider that some figures are not much larger than a fingernail, it’s easy to understand how Moreira is able to comfortably share her Watertown home with all those creches.

from the Boston Globe, Christmas Day 2008

Merry Christmas, everyone! We couldn’t be prouder of our lovely and loving wife who today was profiled in a feature in the Boston Globe.  This story began as a blog posting on Dowbrigade News two years ago. A few weeks ago, Norma suggested I submit it to the Globe. Her collection has grown in the past two years, and they jumped on it like dogs on a meat wagon.

Let the record show that the Dowbrigade considers himself the luckiest man in the world for having found the perfect wife for his problematic personality.

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Scary Scenario

Posted by dowbrigade on 1st December 2008

Whatever else can be said about Barack Obama, the guy has guts.  Naming Hillary Secretary of State puts her square in the line of Presidential succession. According to the 26th Amendment to the US Constitution, the Secretary of State is 4th in line to succeed the President if he, the VP, the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Temp of the Senate are simultaneously killed or incapacitated.

If I were Obama, I would keep a close eye on Hillary during the annual State of the Union address. Should she suddenly siddle towards the door, I would feel very, very nervous…..

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