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Dowbrigade Does Denver


Day 1 of the TESOL Conference in Denver, March 26th 2009, and we are snowed in at a cheap motel in Boulder.  Our brilliant idea – stay in scenic hippyish Boulder, a short 20 miles from the Denver Convention Center, nestled under the stunning profile of the Rockies, in the foothills, so much more pleasant than hobnobbing with 8,000 English teachers in the downtown Denver mega malls and swanky convention hotels. When we wanted to meet the occasional fondly remembered ex-colleague or attend the odd session, we would just jump into our rented Dodge Sentinel and take beautiful 20-minute drive into  town. And living in the midst of this huge convention, we would have had to closely monitor every word that came out of our mouth, on a number of levels.


Right now, sitting on the couch in our $50 suite (free upgrade since the WIFI was not working in the originally booked room – a guest stole the wireless repeater in that wing – and we threatened a bad review on, with 16 inches of snow on the ground, temps in the teens and a driving wind off the mountains, the turnpike to Denver just recently reopened after closing down due to multiple spinouts and pileups, thinking of my colleagues snugly ensconsed in a fine quality restaurant sharing scincillating conversation and delicious gourmet food, it still seems like a good idea.

Nevertheless, we now have no one to talk to except the always enganging Norma Yvonne. As we pointed out to her this morning as we watched the blizzard reports roll in, we can’t think of a single person we’d rather be snowed in with.

Hopefully, tomorrow we will be able to get into town and deliver this magnus opus.  Stay tuned….

Our Presentation WIKI

Multidimensional Preposition


WHAAAAAT? Bailed Out Bank Of America Paying Consumers To See Hollywood Film

This is unbelievable. Though I suppose it was just a matter of time before the Hollywood moguls figured out a way to get their hands on some of that U.S. government bailout money, albeit indirectly. But why in the world are American taxpayers helping foot the bill to promote a big-budget 3-D DreamWorks Animation movie? Well, it appears the reason is because the president of the Jeffrey Katzenberg-led Hollywood animation studio just happens to be Bank of America’s former Vice Chairman and CFO.

Bank of America was helping families to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3-D rather than 2-D at no additional cost when it starts playing in theaters on Friday, March 27th. (The promotion is here.)

from Deadline Hollywood

What a difference a preposition can make! We read that headline (Bank of America Paying Consumers to See Hollywood Film) and decided we could see the film 20 or 30 times, depending on how much they were paying. Times are tough.

Imagine our chagrin when we realized they were just paying FOR consumers to see the movie, not actually paying them money. Ah, well, its still a nice way to try out the latest in 3D technology for the still usurous 2D prices.

Although the web site says its for BofA clients, all you need to get the upgrade is an email address.

NYTimes reports 33-year orgasm!


An interesting article appeared in yesterday’s New York Times on life at the San Francisco sex commune One Taste Urban Retreat Center. Even the venerable Grey Lady is showing a little cleavege in these dark days for print journalism…

MS. DAEDONEā€™S inspiration and mentor as a sex guru was Ray Vetterlein, who achieved fame of sorts in sex circles by claiming to lengthen the average female orgasm to 20 minutes.

Mr. Vetterlein, now in his 80s, was inspired by Lafayette Morehouse, a controversial 40-year-old community still in existence in suburban Lafayette, Calif., that has been conducting public demonstrations of a woman in orgasm since 1976.

We know that woman! In fact, if she is indeed who we think she is, we were largely responsible for that original orgasm back in ’76. Us, a bottle of Roher 714s, Merck flake and a pair of snakeskin boots…..

Oh, Christmas Tree


In the first such ruling in the federal judiciary in M, a judge in Boston agreed yesterday to allow video cameras in the courtroom to provide live Internet coverage of a high-interest lawsuit against a Boston University graduate student accused of downloading music illegally.

US District Court Judge Nancy Gertner said she will allow Courtroom View Network – a New York-based company that webcasts trials, primarily in state courts – to chronicle a key hearing Jan. 22 in the suit against the student, Joel Tenenbaum, by a group that represents the US recording industry.

from the Boston Globe

Hitting a little close to home. We actually heard about this case when we were at the courthouse on Tuesday.  We were in an Appelate Division courtroom with a group of Asian college students getting a tour of the joint. They were so disinterested that several fell sound asleep during the demonstration and explanation, including the kid sitting in the Judge’s bench! We were mortified.

This case obviously deserves careful attention. According to our docent Tuesday, the RIAA objected to the judge’s decision to allow a netcast of the proceedings, and both sides are preparing to argue the issue. Should the netcasting proceed, we will endeavor to give readers a head’s up.