Live from Bar Camp


Blogging live from Bar Camp Boston 5, the latest iteration of my favorite Geek conference, which is at the Stata Center (Frank Gehry designed monstrosity/masterpiece near Central Square) at MIT. Very cool stuff, only some of which I can understand, but it is an “unconference” with sessions and agendas set by the attendees upon arrival, which covers topics including technology, marketing, cooking, startups, sci-fi, social media, gadgets, communities, design, hardware hacking, UI design, entrepreneurship, AJAX, open source software, robotics, art, mobile computing, bioinformatics, RSS, social software, programming languages, the future of technology, for starters.

In the past we have presented with varying degrees of success, but this year we don’t plan on speaking, feel more in the mood for spacing out and sitting in the back fishing for WOW moments and light bulbs flashing on in the comic strip balloon above my head, which always happens once or twice at these shindigs. Here is the early board of session ideas, and the first few sessions already slotted into rooms and times. Stay tuned for updates and reviews.


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