Interview with David Weinberger of ShelfLife & LibraryCloud

Interview with David Weinberger of ShelfLife & LibraryCloud

Posted by Ben Naddaff-Hafrey on October 19, 2011 in Audio, Beta Sprint, Blog.

I spoke David Weinberger of the ShelfLife & LibraryCloud Beta Sprint collaborative to discuss the two-part submission and his team’s hopes for how the project will integrate with the DPLA.

ShelfLife is intended to provide users with a rich environment for exploring the combined content of the DPLA, discovering new works, and engaging more deeply with them via social interactions. It displays available content through a scrollable virtual representation of library shelves, providing users with their most familiar experience of physical libraries. It also allows for rich, social interactions.

LibraryCloud is the backend metadata server that supports ShelfLife. It will make the multi-library metadata used by ShelfLife available via open APIs and Linked Open Data in order to enable the development of innovative new applications such as library browsers, library analytic tools, and recommendation engines.

Listen to the interview here: 

Listen to the interview

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