Interview with Carole Palmer of the CLIR-DLF / IMLS DCC Beta Sprint

Interview with Carole Palmer of the CLIR-DLF / IMLS DCC Beta Sprint

Posted by Kenny Whitebloom on October 20, 2011 in Audio, Beta Sprint, Blog.

In advance of this week’s plenary meeting, I spoke with Carole Palmer over Skype about her team’s Beta Sprint submission, CLIR-DLF / IMLS DCC Beta Sprint. The project, one of nine asked to present at the October 21 plenary meeting, extends the preexisting Digital Content and Collections Registry as a domestic foundation for curated content, principles, and processes for a DPLA prototype. It serves as a search tool for the DCC’s collection of cultural and scientific heritage resources, presenting unique ways of organizing and presenting materials and metadata. The project emphasizes shareable metadata and addresses questions of how to keep the nuances of rich, local metadata—which provide invaluable organizational and intellectual context—while enabling searchable access to vast amounts of content. In its current form, the project has over 1 million digital items from over 1,400 cultural heritage collections and has already expanded from the DCC to accommodate some of the target content identified in the DPLA content workstream.

Listen to the interview:

Listen to the interview

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