Press: “The Digital Public Library of America: First Things First”

Posted by Kenny Whitebloom on October 20, 2011 in Press.

“So what are the characteristics of public libraries that we can leverage for the DPLA?

“1) Trust. Why would your average reader or researcher go to rather than google? Because people trust their public library enormously; they understand that the library isn’t out to profit from them, but to serve them. The DPLA should capitalize on this, and posters for the DPLA should end up in the entryway of every public library in America.

“2) Local and relevant. Just as people visit the local library or historical society to learn more about their town or neighborhood, they should see, when visiting, digital collections of local content (old photographs, genealogies, etc) in addition to lists of books, videos, and other global content. Google or Worldcat may direct you to your local library for a copy of a book, but they don’t curate and present true local content.”

Read the rest of Dan Cohen’s post here.

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