Martin Kalfatovic: DPLA Tech Workstream Update

Martin Kalfatovic: DPLA Tech Workstream Update

DPLA Technical Workstream co-chair Martin Kalfatovic gave an update on the workstream's progress at the Content & Scope workshop on February 2, 2012.

I joined the DPLA Content & Scope Workstream’s February 2, 2012 workshop held in Philadelphia. Hosted by the College of Physicians, the day-long workshop addressed key issues about DPLA content.

To help set the stage, I gave a brief report on the activities of the Technical Aspects Workstream and the interim Technical Development team led by David Weinberger.

Here’s my presentation, mostly pretty pictures, showed a lot of the Tech/Dev wiki to flesh it out. Plug for Too Big to Know totally my doing.

Technical Aspects Workstream Update. Martin R. Kalfatovic. DPLA Content & Scope Workshop. College of Physicians, Philadelphia, PA. 2 February 2012.

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